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  • One Meaning for Christmas

    In Life Group we watched a video that extolled the awesomeness of God, the vastness of what He has created and in contrast the smallness of our planet; and in comparison to our planet, our utter minuteness in the cosmos. At one point I had to leave. It seemed that the vastness of God had […]

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  • Recognizing Jesus in the Small Things

    Yesterday afternoon I stopped by my sister’s house at lunchtime just in time to find my two-year-old nephew, The Cub, eating lunch. Sounds normal, right? Almost. At second glace, I noticed that the tot’s lunch wasn’t the only thing on his plate. In the center of the plate, untouched by the food surrounding him lay sweet […]

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  • A Reason We Celebrate the Christmas Story

    Reading the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is not just reading about the stories and thoughts of God’s people past. It is reading the story that our lives are playing out now, in real time. Christmas is an important celebration, giving us a reminder of how and at what cost we have been […]

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  • If it wasn’t for Jesus I’d hate your guts.

    Most of my childhood was spent moving from place to place every five to six months. This gypsy lifestyle instilled in me the ability to make friends quickly, keep them at arms length and then forget them just as quickly. Looking back, I realize that this was a self defense mechanism I used to keep […]

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