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  • God’s in Control

    You know how you flip through the Bible or some other “spiritual” book hoping that you come upon just the “word” you need? Usually that doesn’t happen to me… but that doesn’t stop me from trying it! But today while reading a daily devotional that I use – it actually happened! I had finished today’s reading […]

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  • The Power of Prayer

    Prayer. It used to be something I did out of obligation. A bunch of well scripted phrases said everynight before falling asleep. A last ditch effort when all my plans fell through. “I’ll be praying for you!” I’d say to someone but after a few minutes, I’d walk away and forget all about them. Pretty […]

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  • Cover Me, I’m Screwing Up

    Last week, while flying to Florida, I was listening to an orchestral recording of Dvorak’s “New World” symphony. The usual comparisons between an orchestra and the Body of Christ came to mind—the combined ability to create harmonies, tones, dynamic range; great music made only by a gathering of talented musicians working together under the influence […]

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  • I’m Debt free.

    The other day I was driving home from a meeting and the Dave Ramsey Show was playing on the radio. Most people who call in ask Dave for advice on how to get out of the financial mess they are in. Listening to the show you hear endless ways people can pile up debt to […]

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