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  • God’s not domesticated

    Even though we live in the country, we don’t often see wild life near our house–maybe a deer in an near by apple orchard once in a while, or a pheasant in the yard a few times. So, I was a little surprised to see a coyote in our lower field early yesterday morning and, […]

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  • A Punch in the Face

    “and find out what pleases the Lord.” -Ephesians 5:10 I really like the simplicity of verses like this one. You don’t need a seminary education to understand what it says. It’s pretty simple, find out what makes Jesus happy and do it. For me the real challenge of this verse is not in the understanding […]

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  • To be like Daniel

    Daniel is a book that I have gone back to many times.  When I have finished a reading plan, or met a goal, and don’t have direction on where to go next, I turn there. I love his faithfulness. I love his fearlessness.I have been reading devotions for the last six months or so, instead […]

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  • Pass Closed

    We got stuck on the local mountain pass the other day returning home from Seattle. Snowy, bad weather had created conditions which caused a number of vehicle accidents. This resulted in hundreds of cars and trucks at a dead stop for hours while things where straightened out. Through the miracle of 4-wheel drive we where […]

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