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A Good Groove

Saxophonist and Music Arts Revival Movement (MARM) founder Ron Brown has taught me a lot—how to hear and trust God in everyday life and many other lessons about being a follower of Jesus. But he taught be something I’m sure he would be surprised to hear I learned: you have to have a drummer in the band who can “lay down a good groove.” Knowing I am not a musician (he was quite adamant about that, actually), I’m sure Ron never thought the drummer thing would stick with me. Let me tell you why it did.

First, it is a good analogy for me as a leader and a pastor. Part of my purpose in these roles is to “lay down a good groove” people can align with. This starts at home in my role as husband and father and moves out from there. The groove allows others to grow and function in their purpose in unity along with the rest of the body of Christ. If other players or soloists are not following the beat of the drummer, or even worse, following their own beat, the music can become confusing noise. As a leader and pastor, I’m looking for people who want to be in a band, not just have a solo career.

Second, lots of people succeed as members of the band, while many others fail trying for a solo career. It’s not easy or safe out there by yourself. To explain the analogy, you need a church fellowship and you need to play with the groove laid down in that church. I have discovered that in Western Culture to resist and overcome the enemy you need to be part of the Body of Christ. Throughout the past fifteen or so years, I have spent a lot of energy working to build a strong church family at the church I pastor. I’ve discovered without that, people are slowly picked off by Satan and his schemes, but in a covenant church family, people learn a lifestyle that overcomes the enemy.

We can’t be alone. Listen for the groove.

Written by Joe Hite, Senior Pastor

Posted in blog on September 13, 2013.

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