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God’s in Control

You know how you flip through the Bible or some other “spiritual” book hoping that you come upon just the “word” you need? Usually that doesn’t happen to me… but that doesn’t stop me from trying it! But today while reading a daily devotional that I use – it actually happened! I had finished today’s reading and was wanting more, so I started flipping through and landed on July 5th.

You will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in My control.  Instead of striving for a predictable, safe lifestyle, seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth.  I long to make your life a glorious adventure, but you must stop clinging to old ways.  I am always doing something new within My beloved ones.  Be on the lookout for all that I have prepared for you.

Up until a few months ago my life had been – predictable and safe.  It was very easy to say, “God is good, God is in control of my life, etc. etc.” but now that our life has turned upside down I have to consciously choose to believe, “God is a good God!  He IS in control”  even though circumstances around me are shouting the opposite.  We are always striving after something, and through this devotional I was reminded where my focus needs to be – seeking after Him above all else.  Striving to control my life just leads to frustration.  Down deep I don’t want a predictable, safe lifestyle, I long for adventure.

And guess what? I am getting it.

It’s not easy and there are days when I want to yell, “Time out!” to God. But He is so faithful and I truly believe He is good and has our best in mind.  He is so worthy of my full pursuit!

Written by Judy Hagler

Posted in blog on February 28, 2014.

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  1. sam weaver says:

    Judy I loved the line “Down deep I don’t want a predictable, safe lifestyle, I long for adventure.” This is the daily cry of my heart. Nothing else makes any sense! I know sometimes I tone it down so others won’t think me a weirdo, and I believe our culture hammers away at us to mind our Ps and Qs, but “deep down” I long for God to use me in ways that will set the captive free and heal the broken hearted! Why would we settle for anything less? Jesus said “greater works than these shall you do.” I don’t know about you, but I haven’t fed five thousand lately. Thanks for sharing your life with our Valley family. You are a blessing!