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Recognizing Jesus in the Small Things

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by my sister’s house at lunchtime just in time to find my two-year-old nephew, The Cub, eating lunch.

Sounds normal, right? Almost.


At second glace, I noticed that the tot’s lunch wasn’t the only thing on his plate. In the center of the plate, untouched by the food surrounding him lay sweet baby Jesus, manger and all.  Apparently he wanted Jesus to watch him eat lunch.

My nephew has his own nativity set and often carries Jesus around the house with him. As I stared at the plastic figurine surrounded by chicken nuggets and ketchup, I felt a sense of delight. I found myself smiling as The Cub’s lunch painted a portrait of how my relationship with Christ should look.

What a beautiful, simple and rather silly gesture.

Matthew chapter one introduces Jesus as Immanuel, “God with Us,” a phrase promising God’s attentive nearness, his availability into the details of our very lives. This Christmas season, more than any other before me, I am beginning to catch a glimpse of just how much Jesus cares about the things in life I’ve deemed as the silly details. He wants to walk beside us, to do life with us.

My prayer for you and for me this Christmas season is that we may begin to understand the incredible love of our Savior and learn to truly walk beside Him in our everyday journeys; that we would catch a glimpse of the life-changing love that brought Him to earth in the form of a helpless baby human.

God not only loves you and I, but He likes us and desires to be involved in our lives, both in the life changing moments and in the chicken nugget ones. I don’t know about you, but I find freedom in that.

Have you experienced “God with Us?”  If so, how?

Written by Chelsea Hite


Posted in blog on December 20, 2013.

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  1. The Wookie-chan says:

    Thanks Chelsea… My first great insight into God’s attention to the details of my life came when my mother died. During the course of the week following her death, I found myself simply walking with Him, at given points in time being given a task to do; calling a funeral home, letting my siblings know our mom had passed, etc.; but mostly just walking with Him, and watching Him work, attending to the details of my life. I tear up even now at the attention He gave to even the smallest of details. I commented at the time, “is really this simple, that we just walk with God and watch Him work;” not meaning that we don’t have stuff to do but that the walk is with Him by our side. And while He has things for us to do, the majority of the work is His. We have the joy and delightful experience of watching Him work, and occasionally being able to participate in what He is doing, but it is all about Him and His attention to all the details..