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I like stories. All kinds of stories. 

I like the ones that inspire me to action or challenge me to grow. I like stories that help me see life from a different perspective and those that make me laugh out loud (aka LOL for all you texters). I like stories in all kinds of mediums like movies, novels, short stories, documentaries, radio theater (remember Adventures in Odyssey anyone?), and even the odd poem that I can actually understand. I like stories from different genres like history, biographies, mysteries, thrillers, comedy, and all types of fiction and reality. Story telling is common to every culture on the planet and is something we learn to do from infants. Stories add spice to our lives and help us see beyond ourselves and our borders into the world beyond. They show us where we came from and give us a sense of place in the world.

Like I said earlier I like stories, but I have to say that my favorites are those of people encountering Jesus. 

I have the privilege of capturing people’s Jesus stories on video for our baptism services. The video that is shown at the service is a few minutes but the filming can take 20-60 minutes. During that time I get to hear the “behind the scenes” story, and it never ceases to amaze me the diverse ways Jesus works in our lives. Every person tells of hopes and dreams, successes and failures, good choices and bad, but in the midst of their everyday life Jesus lovingly and patiently calls them to Him. Some take longer to respond than others, some go through more ups and downs than others, but He is never at a loss for what to do. These true, real life, everyday stories reveal Jesus working in gracious, powerful ways and it strengthens my faith and shows me once again that He is worthy of all I have.

As you go about your day to day life train your ear to hear the Jesus stories all around you and be ready to share yours with anyone ready to listen. I am pretty sure you will be amazed at all that Jesus is doing in you and those around you.

Written by Pastor Jon Verwey


Here are some of Valley Life’s Baptism videos to get you started:

Posted in blog on May 23, 2014.

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