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Trusting People with Needles

needleI was at Northstar Lodge a few mornings ago getting some blood work done.

I have been going there for more than 10 years and it’s always the same lady who takes my blood samples. She is a very pleasant person and makes the procedure pretty painless. The process itself is pretty simple: stick arm with needle, suck out 3 vials of blood, bandage arm. It’s been the same way for the dozens of times I have had it done: stick, suck, bandage, next!

Even though it has been the same, I have to admit that sometimes a brief moment of panic sets in as she sticks the needle in my arm. What if she misses the vein and has to stick me again, what if hurts, what if my blood vessel explodes? But without fail she inserts the needle with calm expertise and the blood starts flowing into the vial. No pain, no mess, no fuss. Things pretty much went that way this last time. Stick, suck, bandage, next! The difference was when I was walking into the parking lot.

As I was walking to my truck I heard Jesus ask me “Why don’t you trust her to draw your blood?” My first reaction was to laugh because I knew what was coming next, He was going to do some “lab work” on my soul. Next, I thought to myself “Why don’t I trust her to do a good job? She has been drawing blood for a long time on countless different people and all my experiences with her have been fine.”

How we are able to trust others plays a huge role in the quality of all our relationships. Jesus has put people in my life that I have to rely on all the time. Everyone from friends and family to nurses and electricians to mechanics and coworkers. I have to trust them to help me through life because I can’t do it all.

With His question to me in the parking lot, Jesus was showing me that not trusting someone to draw my blood, who has proven themselves over and over again, was a indication of an attitude of distrust creeping in to my soul. If I let that attitude grow it will spread to other, more personal relationships, affecting them also. It is like a slow hardening of the heart that causes me to pull away from people so I won’t be bothered or hurt by them. I felt challenged to start making a conscious choice to lean on others and trust what He has gifted them to do. Trusting people this way makes relationships more enjoyable and life much less tiring.

I love how Jesus uses the routine things in life to help me stay on target and deal with stuff before it grows into something huge. He is gracious beyond compare, faithful for all time and near to those who seek Him.

Written by Pastor Jon Verwey

Posted in blog on April 4, 2014.

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