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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Valley Life Church’s new web page. Thanks for dropping by!

The new web page is just one of several reflections of God’s transformation of Valley Fellowship. The most noticeable change is our new name, Valley Life Church. We kept the word Valley because it represents that we are the same family of people, but changed in our mission. We are still people who have learned to fellowship, to be together, but there is more for us to do.

The word “Life” doesn’t really replace the word “Fellowship,” but rather expands and extends it. As God is making us His family, through all our successes and failures, He has breathed His Life into the middle of this fellowship. This life is not just for us, but for our entire Valley and beyond.

The name Valley Life Church is our agreement with God that we want to do what He is doing in us. We want to extend his blessing from the middle of “us” to any who are broken, lonely and in need of true family and blessing.

We’re on an adventure, following God in His mission. He is equipping us to do so. The blessing we have received in being together must continue to transform us. He is challenging Valley Life Church to expand our blessing beyond us.

Posted in blog on January 5, 2013.

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