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Why “Right & Wrong?”

Defining right and wrong so we know how to behave in order to be allowed into heaven or to receive God’s favor, is heading in the wrong direction. It is an insult to God’s grace, and to the horrific price Jesus paid for us on the cross.

The real reason for learning what’s right and wrong is defined in God’s overwhelming desire to redeem and restore His special creation — us!

I believe understanding right and wrong can be centered upon two purposes.

  1. Displaying a God who restores. Right biblical behavior, attitudes and character should reflect God’s glorious nature and grace to a mankind desperately in need of Him. Displaying His truth shows the value of God and ultimately, the value of man.
  1. To restore health and protect from harm. Right biblical behavior, attitudes and character affects us spiritually and emotionally in the same way as right physical behavior. Proper exercise and eating promote a healthy body which can restore us and help prevent disease. God gives us “right” because it’s good for us.

Knowing right from wrong is not about knowing what we have to do—or can get away with—to get into God’s good grace. It is about his loving desire to restore us, and all mankind.

Written by Pastor Joe Hite

Posted in blog on November 29, 2013.

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