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Pass Closed

We got stuck on the local mountain pass the other day returning home from Seattle. Snowy, bad weather had created conditions which caused a number of vehicle accidents. This resulted in hundreds of cars and trucks at a dead stop for hours while things where straightened out. Through the miracle of 4-wheel drive we where able to turn back and return to Seattle to try it again the next day, avoiding having to sit in our car that evening for another 6 hours like many others.

The road wasn’t really that bad. The thing I was impressed with was the amount of vehicles that travel over that pass day and night. A couple small slip-ups due to fairly minor road conditions created a huge back-up.

Our lives are like that when we get more going on than what God asks us to do. With no margin for error, it doesn’t take much to back everything up. Leave room; too much going on in our lives is asking for disaster. Make room room for God and blessing.

Written by Pastor Joe Hite

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2014.

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